How arithmetic generates the logic of quantum experiments


Portrait of SteveSteve Faulkner is an independent researcher studying arithmetic as fundamental foundation for physics.  His findings show that arithmetic cannot be taken for granted, as trivial, in writing physical theory.  Steve shows that arithmetic used in physics, always unavoidably invokes arithmetic as an axiomatised theory — and is therefore subject to Kurt Gödel’s incompleteness theorems.  He then shows how logically independent information, in this axiomatised arithmetic, has profound logical impact in quantum wave packets, prior to measurement, which we recognise as indeterminacy.

Steve was an undergraduate in the early seventies doing physics at Queen Mary College, London. In the nineties he studied with the Open University and then went to the University of Durham to study the Theory of Elementary Particles.



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  1. Steve,
    What is a good time to talk. I am working on a theory that runs QM, Gravity, Thermodynamics, and Electrodynamics all into one. It all started with my chemical work in Quantum Chemistry. I realized that there needed to be a new model of the atom and in working on that I can across the correlations between all of these issues and to my surprise the underlining problem was math.

    Talk soon
    George Van Hoesen
    Global Green Building LLC
    Director of R and D
    NewTeran Solutions

    Comment by George Van Hoesen — March 4, 2015 @ 6:40 pm | Reply

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